Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Scribe: Period 5 03-01-2016

  • scribe,  Grammar
  • Rubric: let’s discuss; think growth
    • growth
    • most proud
    • biggest challenge
    • do different?
    • choose one section really proud of
    • creativity?
  • Final editing day: paragraph by paragraph editing; finalize tech
  • HW: WRP conference sign up
How to change your cursor: (Thanks Tia)

To do it, you find the cursor you want on a website and copy its HTML. Then you go to add HTML on Wix. It won't work for the page unless you extend the box, which should look empty, across the entire page. If you go into preview mode, you can see the different cursor.

We created our own rubric in order to grade our papers, then signed up for a conference to discuss our papers with Smith.

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