Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 Scribe- Drake


partners create one outline for bully summary response, not two
can be color coded
on personal blog, not class blog

If absent ask Mrs. Smith for a vocab book
    check out books
        type in student id and scan the barcode to check out a book

lesson 1 words list
    page 15
    read word, pos, definition, synonyms, antonyms
on friday we will do the exercises
work on spelling and definitions and using the words in a sentence right now, not the exercises

(Mrs. Smith said it 5 times)

Exercise 1.1
  1. _________
  2. ___________
  3. _________
etc. do not re write the thing


complete exercise 3 and 4

also do identifying sentence errors and improving sentences (after exercise 5)


memorize by friday… you can work ahead because we get new words each monday...quizzes friday… sometimes there will be “words” and erotic is not the worst one we will have- Mrs. Smith

after we went over the vocab and the vocab books we worked on our summaries

Friday, August 28, 2015

E9H Scribe SP 8/28

We got to pick partners to work on our bully S/R.
Homework  - outline for bully S/R


Tyler Long
  • Committed Suicide
  • “We can’t stop kids from saying bad things and we can’t watch what kids do every minute”
  • missing 2-3 days of school a week because a group of kids were threatening to beat him up
  • Principal says bullying is not a major problem at her school
  • Tyler’s parents held a meeting trying to either defend the school or prove that the school was at fault for Tyler’s death
  • You cannot get the parents involved, the school will not do anything to stop it (“kids will be kids)
  • When two kids beat up Tyler, the school resource officer refused to file charges
  • Student says that when you walk around the school you see kids getting beaten up everywhere and the teachers shrug it off
  • A student said that he was getting bullied and it was a shame that Tyler had to do what he did before someone did something about the bullying problem
  • His father started an online group called “stand up for the silent” for parents who have lost kids because of bullying
  • Had an event for this group and released three balloons for each kid who has lost his or her life due to bullying

  • all charges were dropped
  • she is going home in a month or two
  • Her mom tells her that she is gaining weight
  • Happy and excited to be home

  • Mom showed video of when he was a baby and how he would only dance to one song
  • Got strangled by a high schooler, called him his b*tch
    • thinks that he is just joking around
  • Alex’s father says that he needs to stand up for himself because if he doesn't his sister will get picked on and if he doesn't he won't have his father's respect
  • his sister says that she gets picked on because Alex is her brother
    • everyone at his high school thinks he is creepy
  • Getting beaten up on the bus
  • Alex’s mom had no idea that the bullying was so bad
  • Alex think that his bullies are his friends
  • Says that if the bullies are not his friends, then what friends does he have
  • The principal says that she has ridden the bus and they are all good kids
  • The principal says that Alex’s parents have to trust her that she can take care of the problem
  • Teacher is assigned to find out what is happening to Alex
  • She talks to the bullies and says that they do not get bully him anymore
  • In sixth grade a bully sat on his head on the bus and the school did nothing about it
  • Alex’s mom doesn’t feel like a good mother
  • Alex can’t fit in
  • “I dont believe in luck, but I believe in hope”

Ty Field
  • Committed suicide
  • principal says that there was no indication of bullying (not true)
  • No changes to laws because no one cares about “nobodies”
  • Had a best friend (Trey)
  • Trey admitted that in second grade he tried to fit in so badly that he was a bully
  • Whenever he was getting bullied Trey would go after them, but Ty just said don’t go after them, be better than them and he would walk off with a smile

  • says that if she didn't have her friends she would not be alive right now
  • Says that maybe all it takes is one person to stand up against bullying
  • She sat down in an empty desk and everyone around her moved seats
  • decided to transfer schools

Today in Class

Today, We finished watching Bully, and began the discussion for it. We began working on the summary response outline for Bully with our partners.Here is the link to the outline: Summary/ Response outline

The Homework is to conference; summary/response outline due Wednesday- post outline to personal blog by  end of class on Tuesday

Thursday, August 27, 2015

E9H Scribe IR, 8/27

Write this on a sticky note:
"I am worth it. I am enough. I am capable of love and belonging. I can do this. I can be vulnerable. Be seen. Be present. Be you!"

It's ok to be vulnerable. Smith is there for you, we are a family! :)

COA Annotations handed back: Redos for a lot of people

We began watching the documentary Bully by Lee Hirsch. We will write a response later on, so you should take notes. What is the message that Hirsch is showing?
(Finished at 40:07)
S/R on Bully: Partner (Summary/Response) - Outlined like COA teacher model

My notes:
Jonah Mowry:
  • Bullied starting in 1st grade
  • Began cutting in 2nd grade
  • Starting eighth grade
  • held back
  • many people hate him
  • one friend left
  • hates himself
  • Called names: “gay, fag, dick, asshole, etc.”
  • thought of suicide a lot, never tried

Bully by Lee Hirsch:
  • Tyler Lee Long:
    • Murray County, Georgia
    • Became introverted, loner
    • Bullied in middle school
    • Didn’t communicate
    • Physically and verbally abused - hurt in mind and body
    • Killed himself? - inference
    • Died at 17
    • Commited suicide - Note on bed, and him in the closet
    • “Headquarters” Now in Tyler’s old room
    • Understanding why he was driven to kill himself
    • Books stolen, clothes stolen from shower
Alex’s Story
  • Sioux City, Iowa
  • Ethan, Jada, Logan, mom, dad, Maya
  • Trouble making friends
  • Enjoys learning
  • Alone on bus
  • Attempts to make friends, people are generally rude and threaten - “I’m gonna bring a knife tomorrow...”
  • Kids steal his lunch - doesn’t sit with anyone
  • Nobody wants to be with him, told he’s “different”
  • Very general when talking to parents - doesn’t really share much
  • Parents want him to communicate
  • Born at 26 weeks gestation - told he wouldn’t live 24 hours
  • Punched, strangled, take his stuff, yell at him, sit on him, etc.
  • “They’ve pushed me so far that I want to become the bully”
  • Cody called names at lunch, “faggot”
  • Little, Oklahoma
  • Age 16
  • Girls called lesbians for hanging out with her
  • Jokes about it, doesn’t let it affect her
  • “Bible Belt Oklahoma”
  • Differences are not good - status quo
  • Kicked out of basketball by teammates
  • Tried to kill herself 3 times
  • Cut herself
  • Thought her mom would stop loving her because she was gay
  • Raised where being gay was a sin
  • Sign - “Faggots not welcome”
  • Teachers talk about how they burn fags
  • Didn’t want to move - “If I leave, they win.”
  • Teachers never helped, nothing changed
  • Called a “pussy”
  • Followed around

  • Honors Student, Athlete, wanted to join army
  • 14
  • Kids on bus gossiping about her
  • Tried to tell someone, just got worse
  • Brought mom’s gun to school - didn’t hurt anyone
  • Didn’t have any school support
  • Would call names/throw things
  • She was tackled and disarmed by another student
  • Family felt helpless, felt like schools don’t do enough

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

English 9 Honors Scribe, AW 8/26

Homework: conference, two self-evaluations using the reading rubric (COA and LOF), one self-evaluation on LOF discussion
Hard copy hand-outs: Synthesis Reading Rubric, Collaborative Communication Rubric, graph paper. 

We we given our Lord of the Flies annotations back so we could self-assess for our homework tonight. 
We will be demonstrating and recording our growth for the year.

Things we did in class (in order)
  1. Went to resources page (
  2. Create a sub-folder in your English folder titled "FirstNameLastInitial Self Evaluation" (ex: AlexW Self Evaluation
  3. Go back to the resources page and make a copy of all of the links under the title "Student Learning Objective Rubrics"
  4. Make two copies of the reading rubric
  5. Talked about homework: when doing your self evaluation tonight, make sure you give full proof in the future as to what made you rate yourself in that way.
  6. Making graph: staple in top right corner, On the bottom left corner draw a small line to mark where 0 is. Count up ten boxes and mark a one. Count up ten more boxes from that point and mark a two. Keep on going up ten boxes until you get to 4. Put LOF (Lord of the Flies) and COA (Cask of Amontillado) on the x-axis. At the top left corner of the graph, title it "Synthesis Reading." Flip over the page and title it "Communication." Label it in the same way you labeled the previous graph, except for the part titled Cask of Amontillado. This is because we haven't had a class discussion about Cask of Amontillado.
  7. On the cherry colored paper, mark the box labeled "exceptional" as a 4, "mastery" as a 3, and "developing" as 1-2. That will be how you rate yourself on the graph titled "Synthesis Reading." Do the same with the light pink paper. It will correspond  with the graph titled "Communication". 
  8.  The cherry sheet is for your reading and annotations and the light pink is for your class discussion. Only fill out the graph tonight, you don't have to fill out the sheets themselves.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

English 9 Honors Scribe, IR 8/25

We finished our summary responses from the Cask of Amontillado, including how it relates to Lord of the Flies. Tomorrow, we will be doing a response with a partner. We pulled up notes on summary responses that we filled in, going over them to make sure we are at a common understanding so we are more confident in it.

  • A response is...
    • Concise
    • makes an argument
    • takes a side
    • in your own words
    • is opinionated, biased
    • Specific quotes support the claim/counterclaim
    • In your own words
  • A Summary...
    • Only gets the main idea, doesn't give all details
    • overview
    • doesn't speak on behalf of the author, only attributes to them.
    • Facts, no bias
    • no plot
    • strong verbs,explain ideas
In Smith's past, her three brothers were allowed to do many different things, so she argued with her parents a lot.
If she made a claim, to go to a concert, things that affect it are...
  • The driver and who she is with
  • What will you do/not do
  • Stay overnight
  • No adults
  • Money
  • Don't know who you're with
  • long way away
Counterclaims that Smith made included...
  • Friend Jen's parents came with
  • Jen's parents will be with her at all times
  • Jen's parents will pay for hotel
  • She could pay for a concert ticket
The claim we make about Montresor to relate to this is betrayal. Montresor's life became controlled by the betrayal and his need fro revenge.
Counterclaims include...
  • Montresor provided times for escape
  • Acted like he was concerned for his friend's health
  • He kept his composure with his friend
Don't forget to explain the quote!!

If jealousy was the claim, the counterclaim would be supported by...
  • If Montresor was jealous, he wouldn't have been so concerned about his friend's cough and wouldn't be able to talk so easily about his life.
With the concert, rebuttals can change the opinions of other people, like how even with Smith's counterclaims, her parents would use a rebuttal to change her mind.

Rebuttals can be rebutted again!
Rebuttals must be detailed and is more complicated than a single phrase.
For example, when Montresor manipulated Fortunato, he used trickery to boost Fortunato's pride and stubbornness, along with weakening him through drinking.

We understand that Montresor is consumed with his need for revenge.
See Rebuttal Progression Google doc - linked in Summary Response doc

Concluding sentences sum up everything that has been said; It recapitulates the rest of the paragraph.
This concluding sentence would restate the main topic and side taken about betrayal and the control it took over Montresor's life.

Now, open a new Google doc titles "Bully"
We will watch a documentary called "Bully" starting tomorrow
The main idea is that it takes one person to change someone's viewpoint 
Watched Jonah Mowry: 'Whats going on..' on youtube
Take notes on thing that connect to you
Themes include the power of words can lead to death, the quality of life is lost through bullying, simple acts of kindness go a long way.

Printed reading journals from LOF will be returned tomorrow,beginning growth tracking as well.`

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Class Expectations

What qualities do good teachers, students and classes embody? What expectations do you have of yourself, of Smith, and of this class? Make sure to proofread your response, as well as comment and connect to one another's.