Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scribe- October 29th, Thursday

Due in Class:
~Intro Paragraph
~SAT Exercises

In Class:
~Taking SAT test
~Went over examples for Intro Paragraph
~Went over Quotes
~Went over Synthesis Part (think "so what?")
~Worked on Essay
~ SAS Essay Reviser (link on agenda)

~Have INTRO, 1RST BODY, and 2ND BODY paragraphs in proper format done on MONDAY

Side Note: Meet in Forum Tomorrow for Poetry Slam

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scribe ~ October 28

(I'm not really scribe today but Kendall asked me to post something so here I am. - Zach C)

Discussed thesis statements and how to improve. Our thesis statements: (Block 3) (Block 5)

  • Keep it from being too wordy, simple to read, not confusing.
    • Phrase simply
    • Keep it from being ambiguous
    • Be concise.
  • Feel free with topics.
  • Easily defined topic + subtopics.
  • Eliminate passive words.

Homework: SAT Vocab and Completion of 1st Body Paragraph (Tomorrow)

(1st body paragraph should have all three quotes)

October 28th Scribe

In class today we peer edited each others thesis' so if you were absent I would advise you to see Smith to check you thesis.

Hw: Outline 1st body paragraph (Thesis and intro should already be done), SAT vocab test tomorrow, and SAT Lesson 8 exercises due tomorrow.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Scribe October 26, 2015

In Class:
  • Notes and discussion questions for A Long Way Gone were checked
  • We did a fishbowl for chapters 18-21 in A Long Way Gone
    • The inside circle discussed revenge and how it effects your life, and you as a person.
    • The outside circle discussed the purpose of writing the book and how that helped Ishmael to cope with what he had done
  • Read over outline and synthesis explanation
  • Set up the outline for your essay
    • come with 3-4 topics for thesis statements
  • SAT 8 Exercises
    • due: Thursday

LWG 18-end Period 5

Live Blog LWG 18-end Period 5

LWG 18-end Period 3

Live Blog LWG 18-end Period 3

Friday, October 23, 2015

Scribe October 22, 2015

In Class:
  • Someone came around and checked to make sure we wrote our 5 questions down for the discussion
  • We did a fishbowl discussion over chapters 12-17 in A Long Way Gone
    • On the inside circle they discussed a loss of innocence, what the shoes in the book represent, how jealousy and anger fuel revenge, and more
    • On the outside circle we discussed the loss of innocence, how the book related to Othello and Lord of the Flies, how the war affect Ishmael, and more
  • Read and annotate chapters 18-19 for tomorrow
  • Read and annotate chapters 18-the end of the book for Monday
    • 5 questions over those chapters by Monday
    • Fishbowl discussion Monday
  • SAT 7 Exercises due Friday
  • SAT 7 Quiz Friday
  • Work on synthesis outline
More Info:

Scribe October 23, 2015

Today in Class: 

  • Our SAT exercises were collected and we took the SAT week 7 quiz. 
  • Then, we were given work time for our upcoming Synthesis Paper
  • We also worked on the posters and themes around the room, adding more quotes. 

  • Read and annotate A Long Way Gone chapters 20-21, 5 questions over 18-end 
  • Higher Level Thinking Connections to Othello etc. 
  • (Last) Fishbowl on Monday
  • Synthesis Paper
Here is the plan for next week.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Extra Information on A Long Way Gone

I did a bit of research on A Long Way Gone. Here is some information I found:

Ishmael Beah has a twitter: @IshmaelBeah

He has also written a fiction novel called The Radiance of Tomorrow .  The novel is about a civil war and two boys coping.

Finally here is the link to the interview I brought up in our discussion:

LWG 12-17 Period 5

Live Blog LWG 12-17 Period 5

LWG 12-17 Period 3

Live Blog LWG 12-17 Period 3

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scribe October 21, 2015

  • Sub in class.
  • Sub assigns two poems.
    • Poster work with poems, LWG, LOF, and Othello.
  • Silent work time.

  • Homework:
    • Read and annotate Long Way Gone 12-17. 
      • Fishbowl tomorrow.
    • SAT work due Friday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scribe October 20, 2015

  • Reviewed good and bad things about Fishbowl discussion
    • Discussions got a little off topic
    • Agree to disagree
    • Great examples
    • Relate to LOF and Othello
  • Watched spoken poem called “Pass On”
    • Discussed how the poem relates to A Long Way Gone
      • Elements of nature (wind)
      • Lost innocence
  • Began synthesis paper outline and took notes on how betrayal connects to the three novels
    • Used 10 big idea poster ideas (Revenge, power, jealousy, honesty, prejudice, betrayal, racism, anger, power of words, gender)
  • Homework
    • Read and annotate Long Way Gone 15-17, create 5 questions over 12-17, higher level thinking questions/connections to other novels
    • SAT Exercises (due Friday)
    • Begin synthesis outline

Scribe 10-20-15

In Class
  • Debrief on Fishbowl
    • discussed how the fishbowl of October 19 went
      • good responses
      • helped clear up questions that students had about the text
      • covered every aspect of the book
      • everyone spoke
  • “Pass On”
    • Watched and listened to the poem “Pass On”(Link on Agenda)
      • Connected to LWG, loss of innocence, death, power of words
      • How did the poem relate the LWG
        • Elements of nature
  • Synthesis Paper outline: the beginnings...
    • talked about common themes
      • Betrayal
      • Revenge
      • Innocence
      • Fear
      • Power
Didn’t get to:
  • Poster Work
    • added quotations to posters for essential questions
  • Read Chp. 12-14
    • 5 higher level questions
    • annotations and connections
  • Read and annotate Long Way Gone 15-17

      • 5 questions over 12-17(higher level thinking)
      • Questions/Connections to Othello, and LOF etc
      • SAT work
      • Synthesis Outline

Monday, October 19, 2015

LWG 6-11 Period 5

Live Blog LWG 6-11 Period 5

LWG 6-11 Period 3

Live Blog LWG 6-11 Period 3

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tuesday, 10/13/2015

Parent Teacher Conference Letter
Chapters, Annotations and Questions for chapters 1-5 in A Long Way Gone

In Class:
Voted on Wonder Woman Song
We did our first discussion about ALWG with Smith leading it and explaining roles of everyone.
Cover it Live discussion (look lower on blog)

Read Chapters 6-11 in ALWG
Annotate chapters 6-11
3 deeper understanding questions

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scribe 10/13

Parent Teacher Conference letter due.

We voted on the Wonder Woman song.

8th graders came in and shadowed, we talked about why we decided to come to Arapahoe.

Smith explained the roles of presenters and discussers, explained the roles of the outer circle online on the class blog. (look here for our discussion topics and responses to qeustions)

Outer circle needs to post questions and answer other people's questions. If you want to ask a specific person a question, you say @Hayden and then ask your question.

Homework is to read and annotate chapters 6-11 of A Long Way Gone, and to be ready to discuss again on Monday.

LWG 1-5 Period 5

Live Blog LWG 1-5 Period 5

LWG 1-5 Period 3

Live Blog LWG 1-5 period 3

Friday, October 9, 2015

Scribe 10/9/15

Today in class we...

  • Turned in our self-evaluations for the Ethos, Logos, Pathos Debate
  • We signed up once to present and once to discuss on the white sheets on the bulletin board by Smith's desk. 
  • A reminder that all students need to create a folder for Parent Teacher Conferences, follow the directions on this link here.
  • We were then dismissed to work on our SAT songs (due Monday) 

  • Read and annotate Long Way Gone chapters 1-5
  • 3 questions over chapters 1-5
  • Higher level thinking questions/connections to Othello--Due Monday
  • Parent Teacher Conferences Letter--Due Tuesday

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Scribe 10/8/15

Today in class we listened to and presented our ethos, pathos, and logos debates.

1. Read and annotate Long Way Gone (chapters 1-5) and list three questions for discussion topics
2. SAT song
3. Parent-teacher conference letter
4. Questions/connections to Othello and LOF

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scribe 10/7/2015

Today in class we:

1. Signed up for fishbowl discussions on Long Way Gone
2. Worked on Kony 2012 Debate and was handed a rubric on it

SAT 6 song, Debate prep, Read and annotate Long Way Gone 1-5, Questions on 1-5, connect to Othello and Lord of the Flies

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scribe October 2, 2015

Today in class we:

  • Finished the advertisement dissection
  • We watched the Kony 2012 video and looked for and talked about examples of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
  • We prepared for the debate; we went through:
    • Purpose
    • Scoring Rubric
    • Debate Agenda
    • Work Time
    • Visuals to support arguments
    • Debate Details
  • Homework: Ethos, Pathos, Logos preparation, debate Thursday, SAT 6 song

Friday, October 2, 2015

Scribe October 2, 2015

Today in class we, took the SAT 5 quiz, finished reading Act 5 (page 243-265), took a quiz on Act 5, and watched the end of the movie of Othello.

Summary Response Act 5 due Monday
Get a copy of Long Way Gone

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 30th Scribe

Sorry it's up late!
Today in class we mainly discussed S/R’s and how to make them better
Outline: Is your S/R have each part?
-Topic sentences
-Main Ideas
-Concluding Sentences
-Topic sentences
-Lead in
-Explanation (Everything should connect to main ideas)
Highlight your sample S/R in three colors and keep these in mind when writing your Act 4 or 5 S/R!

HW: Act 4 or 5 S/R, Sat quiz/exercises

Scribe 10/1/15

Scribe Day:

We went over rebuttals in class and how a rebuttal should be in three parts
  • counter (1 sentence)
  • counter (1 sentence)
  • claim (multiple sentences, needs to be longer because you want to spend more time on your point to get it across.)
We go over word choices and the proper transition frases.
Then we look at the example she gave us yesterday and how rebuttal should be and how to use evidence to back up your claim.
Next, we go over the counterclaim and highlight where it is in the summary response
Talk about how the counterclaim could be condensed and then that it is repetitive and how as a writer you should make your writing flow.
Never use the words: I, you, me, my, our, we, us, your, things, stuff, is verb
Use this website to find replacements for words that are overused:
There are more websites on the class website to help you write.

Next, We started reading act 5 of Othello (pg. 223-243)