Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scribe: Period 3 02-25-2016

  • Thursday Grammar Work (Test Tomorrow)
  • Do I have your link? If you haven't
  • Tech work day tomorrow… have elements on your website ready for help
  • Rest of the Time was Writing third body (Examples Linked Here)
    • Things to remember: no personal words, no contractions, no hypothetical questions, no questions without answers, citations, lead-ins, etc..., expand your vocabulary
    • Remember Writing Revisor (ahswarriors)- analyzes your essays
    • Try Purdue Owl- writing assistance, MLA format
  • HW: redo intro, 1, and 2, write 3- tech day tomorrow, grammar quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Period 3: Scribe 2/24/2016

  • We started with Wednesday Grammar work.
  • Do I have your link? Put your link on this document.
  • Website groupings: who is working with what tech piece?
    • Find people working on your site builder in order to have someone to contact if you're in need of help.
  • We went over how to do your bibliography.
  • Tech work day Friday… have elements on your website ready for help
  • Edit second body paragraph: Smith's seeing a lot of scary things: citations, personal words, contractions, missing lead ins
  • Writing third body
  • HW: outline 3rd body, redo intro, 1, and 2, works cited

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scribe 2/23/16

Today in class we..

  • completed grammar work for Tuesday
    • introduction to appositives- top of page five
  • did peer editing/work time on the paper
  • edit paper (introduction and first body)
  • second body- tomorrow
Things to remember..

  • own your learning
  • paper due dates do not mean the paper has to be done that day- it is simply a way to keep students from procrastinating
  • peer editing is optional- you do not need to do it if you are not ready; however, it is very useful
*remember to look at the website

Monday, February 22, 2016

Today in class we..

  • completed our grammar work for Monday
    • sentences:
      • my friend alex plays tennis
      • our friend tom is the next president after obama
    • proper nouns, such as alex and tom, are identified with a capital "N"
    • linking verbs introduced (bottom of page two)
  •  had a mental health discussion
    • do not stress about the paper- you just need a rough copy right now, it does not need to be perfect right now
    • What needs to be accomplished today? Tomorrow?
      • set due dates for yourself and prioritize 
    • get some sleep
  • edited the first body paragraphs
  • introduction and first body editing
  • second body outline- tomorrow
*remember to look at website

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Scribe 2/18/16

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scribe 2/17/16

Paper Due Dates
Thesis due today
Intro due tomorrow
1st body due Monday
2nd body due Wednesday
3rd body due Friday
Conclusion/Solution due Monday
Friday 26- Tech Help
Monday 29-Tech Help
Paper due Wednesday 2 or Thursday 3

Today in class we.....

  • Did Grammar work
    • Clauses 
      • Independent and Dependent
      • Difference- independent clauses don't start with a relative pronoun or subordinating conjunctions and they can stand alone
    • Sentence Types
      • Simple
      • Compound
      • Complex
      • Compound-complex
    • Clause vs Phrase
      • Clause has a subject and verb
      • Phrase doesn't have a subject or a verb
  • Looked at another example of New York Times piece for inspiration
    • font and colors
    • certain words stand out
    • interactions- have them experience first hand
    • add human element-more personal
    • maybe add sound
    • Snagit- help you take pics
    • small amounts of text can be effective
  • Apple Article
  • Thesis statement work
    • small group thesis statement
    • give back feedback
  • Went over one of last year's papers

  • Intro paragraph due tomorrow
  • Attention getter

Scribe 2/17/16

  • HW: thesis and outline of paper: put in shared folder titled Problem/Solution paper

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16th, 2016

In Class:

  1. Received Grammar Packet:
    1. Write down two sentences:
      1. First sentence: Their team will practice after school.
      2. Second sentence: Several of the dogs ate their meal
    2. identify parts of sentence using packet
  2. Explored creative ways to represent your paper
    1. playing with video, graphics, images, etc
    2. be specific when naming nouns and people in paper
    3. Use strong verbs and ideas for thesis, challenge yourself
    4. Be sure your argument is one you can prove thoroughly

  • Have thesis ready for tomorrow
  • Begin filling in outline
  • Website/representation site due by Friday

Scribe 2/16/16

Today in class we...

  • Did grammar work (got purple packets)
    • Looked for parts of speech in sentences (Monday's Notes)
      • First sentence: Their team will practice after school.
      • Second sentence: Several of the dogs ate their meal
    • Identified sentence parts in each sentence (Tuesday's Notes)
Hints: If you have a preposition, then you have a prepositional phrase and an object of the preposition
-A helping verb and action verb are combined as a verb
-Use your packet!!!
-Subjects are never in prep phrases and prep phrases are never the subject
-Only have a direct object with action verbs
  • Looked at visions of paper to help spark ideas
    • Think of what you can show instead of what you can say
    • Maybe use a video instead of a quote
    • Think of colors and text
    • Show both sides (good and bad)
    • Spark emotion
    • Show, don't tell for everything
    • Highlighting is an advantage (but not excessive)
    • Let audience know a little more about characters
  • Go to this link for more ideas/inspirations
  • Make a copy of the outline and put it in your folder, then another subfolder
Think about maybe forming groups for paper help if you want.  Know who to go to and have others proofread.
  • Ideas for thesis statement
    • Most basic-  Through the works of Orwell, Bradbury, Doctorow, and modern society, society had learned ___________, yet failed to grasp _________; as a result, society will become ________.
  • Make sure you solve the problem you have stated
  • What direction do you want to go for your paper
    • Learned to not learned- negative
    • Not learned to learned- positive
Big takeaway.... OWN YOUR OWN LEARNING


  • Do a rough thesis example
  • Begin mapping out paper- the outline
    • Learned 
    • Not Learned
    • Where are we going
    • Solution
  • Start intro if you want to
Paper will be do at the beginning of March

Monday, February 15, 2016

Scribe 2/12/2015

  • Final Discussion of Little Brother: 18-end
  • Checked 18-end questions
  • Smith = Joe + Andy

  • Homework: Research Paper Ideas, look over last years papers, find examples, learned, not learned, where are we going, solution.
  • Google Slides

Friday, February 12, 2016

Little Brother 18-end Period 5

Live Blog Little Brother 18-end Period 5

Little Brother 18-end Period 3

Live Blog Little Brother 18-end Period 3

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday, February 12

Today in Class
Today was a work day. You were suggested to do the following:
- Finish reading Little Brother
- Finish your chart of what we have learned, not learned, and where we are going
- Look at others paper ideas. LINK HERE

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scribe 2/10/16

-Smith gave us a few hints about the paper.

-We presented our Ned Kelly projects in gallery walk format.

-Discussed how we can use the modern examples on the Ned Kelly presentations in our synthesis paper.

-Did group work finding modern examples for Learned, Not Learned, Where Are We Going posters.  

-Homework: Read the rest of Little Brother.

Check Smith’s website.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Little Brother 13-17 Period 5

Live Blog Little Brother 13-17 Period 5

Little Brother 13-17 Period 3

Live Blog Little Brother 13-17 Period 3

Monday, February 8, 2016

Scribe 2-8-16

Scribe 2-8-16
Period 3
Kayla Lampe

In class...

  • Exercise Central- worked on use of commas
  • To get to the site go to... > click on go to Exercise Central > Punctuation and Mechanics > Commas > Use commas to set off introductory words, phrases, and clauses > Commas with introductory phrases (you will need to sign in, too)
  • Worked in groups on Presentation for Connections between Ned Kelly, Marcus, the Chicago 7
    • Presenting On Wednesday

  • Read Little Brother Chapter 16-17
    • Prepare for Fishbowl tomorrow
For more information, visit Mrs. Smith's web page

Scribe 2-8-16

New Seating Chart
Fishbowl Tomorrow, Little Brother Chapters 13-17
Summary/Response Work
Group Work
Presentation on commonalities between Ned Kelly, Marcus Yallow, and Chicago Seven Due Wed.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Scribe for 02-05-2016

In Class:

  • Turned in our Summary Responses (printed out a second time) with the redone version from yesterday
  • Turned in our graph charts
  • Printed off and turned in our self evaluations
  • What do Ned Kelley, Marcus, and the Chicago Seven have in common?
  • FISHBOWL (chapters 6-12)
  • Watch: Hacked at Olympics

Read Chapter 15 and annotate, Ned Kelley research for Monday.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hannah Blanchard Obolsky

8:55 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me
Scribe 2/4/16
HW: Read 13-14, redo S/R with edited piece returned -reprint, self eval (print out) graphing
Summary Response Work - Revise and Print Out for tomorrow
Think: This can be used for our paper. Apply what you know from this to the next project.
2 paragraphs, 2 pages (double spaced)
Quality v. Quantity
Works cited
(First Word).
Use easybib

The summary is one-two sentences long. Main idea, author, no opinion
Use your resources Ask your friends to help you edit, use to help find out run on sentences
Topic Sentence: take a side and stick to it throughout.
You have to have a “because” - so what? why does this matter?
Claim: Set-up of your first claim - your first point you’re trying to prove
This is should be clear, have a lead in, a correct citation, and two pieces to an explanation:
Explain what the quote says
connect it back to that claim
Counterclaim: use transition words,
Rebuttal - address the counterclaim but prove why it is wrong. Take it a step further - so what. It’s okay to use more examples. “Hammer it home” - convince the reader you are right.
Concluding sentence - restate the main idea

Ben Franklin Summary Response

Benjamin Franklin in 1759 believed that those who looked to obtain temporary safety at the expense of essential liberty were not worthy of neither liberty nor safety. Franklin’s perspective is that freedom and liberty are more important than some temporary safety.

Benjamin Franklin correctly portrays the idea that freedom is more important than temporary safety because privacy is an essential liberty that Americans have. The Fourth Amendment to the United States surrounds the idea that there are to be no unreasonable searches or seizures without a warrant, and though we may not be dealing with seizures nowadays, we are still dealing with unwarranted searches. One example of this is the government being able to go through anyone’s texts or calls at any given time. A 2013 article explained government phone spying saying, “virtually anyone with a Facebook or Gmail account could potentially have their private info read by the NSA.” (Adam Weinstein, Abc News). Weinstein essentially says that nothing on the internet is completely hidden from the government, which is contrary to what America promises in the Fourth Amendment. Therefore, anyone giving up these liberties in order to obtain more surveillance isn’t taking advantage of their powerful right as an American. Having the ability to keep your information private is a necessary part of being a U.S. citizen and is more important than the government watching one’s every move with some temporary safety. A common view is that temporary safety is necessary for the well-being of our society, and this makes sense because invasions of privacy such as security cameras and cell phone searches have the ability to catch criminals or terrorists. However, it is more complicated than that. The government invading people's’ privacy without consent contrasts what it means to have total freedom and what it means to be an independent American. The American people have earned the right to liberty and privacy, and giving up imperative liberties in order to gain something that is temporary does agree with what our country represents. Not only does is violate our morals as Americans, but the privacy invasions do not seem to have made an intense impact. An article on NSA’s surveillance cameras highlighted, “the contribution of NSA’s bulk surveillance programs to these cases was minimal” (Sternman, International Security). Sternman proves that the temporary safety we are ditching our American rights for is not overly effective and in no way overpowers the liberty and privacy citizens have always known. Those who are willing to give up America’s well deserved rights of freedom in order to have limited protection are not taking advantage of what it means to be a U.S. citizen, and need to be reminded of what that truly means.

Little Brother 6-12 Period 5

Live Blog Little Brother 6-12 Period 5

Little Brother 6-12 Period 3

Live Blog Little Brother 6-12 Period 3

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Scribe 2-03-2016

We had a sub....
In class:

-Watched "The Science of Happiness - Operation Kindness"
               -What are you going to do later for your random act of kindness

- WORK TIME (Little Brother, S/R on Ben Franklin Quote

 -   Read- birng three questions (for chapters 6-12)
             1 textual question- use quotes from the book
              2 higher level thinking questions; connections to 1984? 1 quote based
-   Summary Response on Franklin's quote posted on personal blog, and brought to class printed out (doublespaced)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Scribe February 2, 2016

February 2, 2016

- Mental Health Day 
  - How are you doing?

-Comma Work 
  - Link to site is the first link on the Daily agenda.  (link)
  - Then after reading head to exercise central (link) Create an account under Student use personal or school email.
  - Take the quiz under Commas, and then click Use Commas to Set Off Introductory Words, Phrases and Clauses. Take the first two quizzes. Have the instructor email be Smith's. ( 

- Reading Work
   -Read the two articles about cameras. (link) (link)


-Summary Response Due Thursday

- Read Chapter 8

2-1-16 period 3 scribe

  • we created accounts on and did two exercises  involving commas
  • we then read and discussed two articles
  • In class PLN on Ben Franklin quote