Friday, January 15, 2016

1984 Period 5 117-167

Live Blog 1984 Period 5 117-167

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  1. @Kendall (Would Julia miss Winston if he died, or is he just another affair?) I do not think that Julia would miss Winston if he died. I think that she would mourn briefly, but recover very fast. In this society its inhabitants are essentially incapable of feeling emotion, because of this, I think Julia would be incapable of actually missing Winston. Julia has had many other affairs and I believe those affairs are no different than their current situation. Given this, she has probably “loved” all of these men and does not seem to be pining over any of them. So, no, I do not think that Julia will miss Winson because you have to have an emotional connection with someone in order to miss them and I think that Julia is unable to forge a deeper relationship with anyone.

    @Ari (Is it wise to have a society with no conflict? Doesn’t conflict represent change and eventually growth?) Conflict does represent change and growth, so I do not think that it would be wise to eliminate conflict. This idea that the world would be better without pain/conflict is unreasonable and, frankly, idiotic. Pain shapes a society and creates opportunities to improve people's’ lives. Without this pain, we would have had no revolutions in our history, no fights for equality, and, worst of all, no improvement. Pain and conflict are the basis on which a more perfect society is based and, in their absence, our society might be very similar to the one in 1984.

    @Is (What importance and symbolism is in the paperweight, and how does this compare to Winston’s relationship with Julia?) The paperweight symbolizes a window into the past for Wiston, because it is one of the only objects left from the past. Also, the paperweight symbolizes Winston’s desire to connect to the past and learn why the people are being kept from their history. Additionally, it is a very small rebellion against the Party, given that it does not hurt anyone, but is still very illegal, which is very similar to Julia and Winston’s relationship. Thier relationship is causing no pain, but they would be killed, or worse, if anyone found out about their affair.


    “The wooden seated carriage in which he traveled was filled to overflowing by a single enormous family, ranging from a toothless great-grandmother to a month-old-baby going out to spend an afternoon with “in-laws”...” What generic problems does this society have that we also have in our society?

    I wonder what happened to make the people stop mentioning Syme’s mysterious disappearance?

    What does the thrush symbolize?