Thursday, January 7, 2016

Scribe for January 7th
  • Signed Up for Fishbowls for 1984
  • Background of George Orwell
    • Born In British-India
    • 1984 was written in 1948, just after WW2
    • Imperial Police Officer
    • Younger Sister, Brought to London by mother, can relate to in book
    • Wrote Several Political Essays, Like a Prequel to 1984
      • Researched Totalitarianism, (USSR) Communism, Natzism/Facism,
      • What do you want the government to do?
      • Pros and Cons of Hitler
        • He was good at first
        • Germany lost all checks and balances
        • Chose his cabinet
        • Blamed the Jews
        • Shifted to Totalitarianism and Nazism
  • We have the greatest disparity from the wealthiest to poorest
  • People think we will grow farther and farther apart, moving towards Nazism
  • How can literature make social change?
  • 1984
    • Mind Control
      • Kids Raised with Big Brother
    • No Laws but “Recommendation”
      • Smith Doesn't ban Music, but really does not recommend certain type of music.
    • Thought Crime is all guesswork
    • Kids Betray Parents
      • Spies
      • Hormones make bad choices
    • One Party System
    • Constantly Monitored
  • Political Cartoons
    • Analized everything from color to font

3 Questions
  • A Question About a Quote
  • A “I wonder” Question
  • A Open Ended Question

Read pages 1-69 of 1984

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