Friday, August 28, 2015

E9H Scribe SP 8/28

We got to pick partners to work on our bully S/R.
Homework  - outline for bully S/R


Tyler Long
  • Committed Suicide
  • “We can’t stop kids from saying bad things and we can’t watch what kids do every minute”
  • missing 2-3 days of school a week because a group of kids were threatening to beat him up
  • Principal says bullying is not a major problem at her school
  • Tyler’s parents held a meeting trying to either defend the school or prove that the school was at fault for Tyler’s death
  • You cannot get the parents involved, the school will not do anything to stop it (“kids will be kids)
  • When two kids beat up Tyler, the school resource officer refused to file charges
  • Student says that when you walk around the school you see kids getting beaten up everywhere and the teachers shrug it off
  • A student said that he was getting bullied and it was a shame that Tyler had to do what he did before someone did something about the bullying problem
  • His father started an online group called “stand up for the silent” for parents who have lost kids because of bullying
  • Had an event for this group and released three balloons for each kid who has lost his or her life due to bullying

  • all charges were dropped
  • she is going home in a month or two
  • Her mom tells her that she is gaining weight
  • Happy and excited to be home

  • Mom showed video of when he was a baby and how he would only dance to one song
  • Got strangled by a high schooler, called him his b*tch
    • thinks that he is just joking around
  • Alex’s father says that he needs to stand up for himself because if he doesn't his sister will get picked on and if he doesn't he won't have his father's respect
  • his sister says that she gets picked on because Alex is her brother
    • everyone at his high school thinks he is creepy
  • Getting beaten up on the bus
  • Alex’s mom had no idea that the bullying was so bad
  • Alex think that his bullies are his friends
  • Says that if the bullies are not his friends, then what friends does he have
  • The principal says that she has ridden the bus and they are all good kids
  • The principal says that Alex’s parents have to trust her that she can take care of the problem
  • Teacher is assigned to find out what is happening to Alex
  • She talks to the bullies and says that they do not get bully him anymore
  • In sixth grade a bully sat on his head on the bus and the school did nothing about it
  • Alex’s mom doesn’t feel like a good mother
  • Alex can’t fit in
  • “I dont believe in luck, but I believe in hope”

Ty Field
  • Committed suicide
  • principal says that there was no indication of bullying (not true)
  • No changes to laws because no one cares about “nobodies”
  • Had a best friend (Trey)
  • Trey admitted that in second grade he tried to fit in so badly that he was a bully
  • Whenever he was getting bullied Trey would go after them, but Ty just said don’t go after them, be better than them and he would walk off with a smile

  • says that if she didn't have her friends she would not be alive right now
  • Says that maybe all it takes is one person to stand up against bullying
  • She sat down in an empty desk and everyone around her moved seats
  • decided to transfer schools

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