Tuesday, August 25, 2015

English 9 Honors Scribe, IR 8/25

We finished our summary responses from the Cask of Amontillado, including how it relates to Lord of the Flies. Tomorrow, we will be doing a response with a partner. We pulled up notes on summary responses that we filled in, going over them to make sure we are at a common understanding so we are more confident in it.

  • A response is...
    • Concise
    • makes an argument
    • takes a side
    • in your own words
    • is opinionated, biased
    • Specific quotes support the claim/counterclaim
    • In your own words
  • A Summary...
    • Only gets the main idea, doesn't give all details
    • overview
    • doesn't speak on behalf of the author, only attributes to them.
    • Facts, no bias
    • no plot
    • strong verbs,explain ideas
In Smith's past, her three brothers were allowed to do many different things, so she argued with her parents a lot.
If she made a claim, to go to a concert, things that affect it are...
  • The driver and who she is with
  • What will you do/not do
  • Stay overnight
  • No adults
  • Money
  • Don't know who you're with
  • long way away
Counterclaims that Smith made included...
  • Friend Jen's parents came with
  • Jen's parents will be with her at all times
  • Jen's parents will pay for hotel
  • She could pay for a concert ticket
The claim we make about Montresor to relate to this is betrayal. Montresor's life became controlled by the betrayal and his need fro revenge.
Counterclaims include...
  • Montresor provided times for escape
  • Acted like he was concerned for his friend's health
  • He kept his composure with his friend
Don't forget to explain the quote!!

If jealousy was the claim, the counterclaim would be supported by...
  • If Montresor was jealous, he wouldn't have been so concerned about his friend's cough and wouldn't be able to talk so easily about his life.
With the concert, rebuttals can change the opinions of other people, like how even with Smith's counterclaims, her parents would use a rebuttal to change her mind.

Rebuttals can be rebutted again!
Rebuttals must be detailed and is more complicated than a single phrase.
For example, when Montresor manipulated Fortunato, he used trickery to boost Fortunato's pride and stubbornness, along with weakening him through drinking.

We understand that Montresor is consumed with his need for revenge.
See Rebuttal Progression Google doc - linked in Summary Response doc

Concluding sentences sum up everything that has been said; It recapitulates the rest of the paragraph.
This concluding sentence would restate the main topic and side taken about betrayal and the control it took over Montresor's life.

Now, open a new Google doc titles "Bully"
We will watch a documentary called "Bully" starting tomorrow
The main idea is that it takes one person to change someone's viewpoint 
Watched Jonah Mowry: 'Whats going on..' on youtube
Take notes on thing that connect to you
Themes include the power of words can lead to death, the quality of life is lost through bullying, simple acts of kindness go a long way.

Printed reading journals from LOF will be returned tomorrow,beginning growth tracking as well.`

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