Thursday, August 27, 2015

E9H Scribe IR, 8/27

Write this on a sticky note:
"I am worth it. I am enough. I am capable of love and belonging. I can do this. I can be vulnerable. Be seen. Be present. Be you!"

It's ok to be vulnerable. Smith is there for you, we are a family! :)

COA Annotations handed back: Redos for a lot of people

We began watching the documentary Bully by Lee Hirsch. We will write a response later on, so you should take notes. What is the message that Hirsch is showing?
(Finished at 40:07)
S/R on Bully: Partner (Summary/Response) - Outlined like COA teacher model

My notes:
Jonah Mowry:
  • Bullied starting in 1st grade
  • Began cutting in 2nd grade
  • Starting eighth grade
  • held back
  • many people hate him
  • one friend left
  • hates himself
  • Called names: “gay, fag, dick, asshole, etc.”
  • thought of suicide a lot, never tried

Bully by Lee Hirsch:
  • Tyler Lee Long:
    • Murray County, Georgia
    • Became introverted, loner
    • Bullied in middle school
    • Didn’t communicate
    • Physically and verbally abused - hurt in mind and body
    • Killed himself? - inference
    • Died at 17
    • Commited suicide - Note on bed, and him in the closet
    • “Headquarters” Now in Tyler’s old room
    • Understanding why he was driven to kill himself
    • Books stolen, clothes stolen from shower
Alex’s Story
  • Sioux City, Iowa
  • Ethan, Jada, Logan, mom, dad, Maya
  • Trouble making friends
  • Enjoys learning
  • Alone on bus
  • Attempts to make friends, people are generally rude and threaten - “I’m gonna bring a knife tomorrow...”
  • Kids steal his lunch - doesn’t sit with anyone
  • Nobody wants to be with him, told he’s “different”
  • Very general when talking to parents - doesn’t really share much
  • Parents want him to communicate
  • Born at 26 weeks gestation - told he wouldn’t live 24 hours
  • Punched, strangled, take his stuff, yell at him, sit on him, etc.
  • “They’ve pushed me so far that I want to become the bully”
  • Cody called names at lunch, “faggot”
  • Little, Oklahoma
  • Age 16
  • Girls called lesbians for hanging out with her
  • Jokes about it, doesn’t let it affect her
  • “Bible Belt Oklahoma”
  • Differences are not good - status quo
  • Kicked out of basketball by teammates
  • Tried to kill herself 3 times
  • Cut herself
  • Thought her mom would stop loving her because she was gay
  • Raised where being gay was a sin
  • Sign - “Faggots not welcome”
  • Teachers talk about how they burn fags
  • Didn’t want to move - “If I leave, they win.”
  • Teachers never helped, nothing changed
  • Called a “pussy”
  • Followed around

  • Honors Student, Athlete, wanted to join army
  • 14
  • Kids on bus gossiping about her
  • Tried to tell someone, just got worse
  • Brought mom’s gun to school - didn’t hurt anyone
  • Didn’t have any school support
  • Would call names/throw things
  • She was tackled and disarmed by another student
  • Family felt helpless, felt like schools don’t do enough

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