Wednesday, August 26, 2015

English 9 Honors Scribe, AW 8/26

Homework: conference, two self-evaluations using the reading rubric (COA and LOF), one self-evaluation on LOF discussion
Hard copy hand-outs: Synthesis Reading Rubric, Collaborative Communication Rubric, graph paper. 

We we given our Lord of the Flies annotations back so we could self-assess for our homework tonight. 
We will be demonstrating and recording our growth for the year.

Things we did in class (in order)
  1. Went to resources page (
  2. Create a sub-folder in your English folder titled "FirstNameLastInitial Self Evaluation" (ex: AlexW Self Evaluation
  3. Go back to the resources page and make a copy of all of the links under the title "Student Learning Objective Rubrics"
  4. Make two copies of the reading rubric
  5. Talked about homework: when doing your self evaluation tonight, make sure you give full proof in the future as to what made you rate yourself in that way.
  6. Making graph: staple in top right corner, On the bottom left corner draw a small line to mark where 0 is. Count up ten boxes and mark a one. Count up ten more boxes from that point and mark a two. Keep on going up ten boxes until you get to 4. Put LOF (Lord of the Flies) and COA (Cask of Amontillado) on the x-axis. At the top left corner of the graph, title it "Synthesis Reading." Flip over the page and title it "Communication." Label it in the same way you labeled the previous graph, except for the part titled Cask of Amontillado. This is because we haven't had a class discussion about Cask of Amontillado.
  7. On the cherry colored paper, mark the box labeled "exceptional" as a 4, "mastery" as a 3, and "developing" as 1-2. That will be how you rate yourself on the graph titled "Synthesis Reading." Do the same with the light pink paper. It will correspond  with the graph titled "Communication". 
  8.  The cherry sheet is for your reading and annotations and the light pink is for your class discussion. Only fill out the graph tonight, you don't have to fill out the sheets themselves.

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