Monday, September 14, 2015

Scribe 9/14/15

-We went over Sat 3 words today, test is on Friday. (Find on page 37-38 of book)
-Do exercise 1-4, skip Exercise 5 Writing but complete Exercise 5 Improving Paragraphs for homework.

-Smith passed out our graphs for Self Evaluation
-Reflected on goals and growth-according to 4 learning targets, where are you at?
-Make a new google doc in your Self Evaluation folder, name it Your Name, 6 Week Reflection.
-Go to Smith’s website, on her slides for today, there is a slide called Learning Reflection. Use this slide to fill out your 6 Week Reflection.
-Smith recommended making a table for Three Areas of Mastery

-Reading Act 2 of Othello (pgs 81-83)
-Homework: Read the pages we read in class and take notes. Prepare for test on Act 2.
S/R of Act 2 due Wednesday or Thursday.

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