Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015 Scribe

Today we started class by discussing how we can help become more in control of our learning. One idea we discussed was scheduling an appointment with Smith about questions or concerns you have with assignments we are doing in class. You can meet with her if you have any questions regarding anything that happens in the class. If you need to schedule a meeting, you can find Smith's planner in her backpack and schedule it, or you can email her. Another thing you can do if you are to busy before or after school and you don't share a common off hour, you can schedule a time with Smith to Skype and discuss any questions. Also bring up questions in class by simply raising your hand. We also went over our self assessments we completed yesterday. After that, we continued reading Act 2 Scene 3 in "Othello". We will start our Summary Responses in class tomorrow.

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