Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015 Scribe

  • Review SAT: are there any questions?
  • Discuss sample S/R: let’s take them up a notch: need multiple colored highlighters and pens
  • Outline: where are we struggling?
    • Topic sentences, concluding sentences
    • Lead in
    • Citations
    • Rebuttal
  • Read Act 5:
    • assign roles; act out
    • discuss as going along

HW: SAT 5, S/R Act 4 due tomorrow,  questions, Copy of A Long Way Gone

Today in class we proposed any questions we had about summary responses. We read sample Othello summary responses. With these samples, we highlighted the important components such as topic sentences, rebuttals, claims and more. Our homework is to finish the summary responses for Othello Act 4, finish our SAT Lesson 5 exercises and grab a copy of A Long Way Gone.

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