Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Scribe 9/8/2015

Scribe 9/8/2015


-Conference - Don't Forget!

-SAT exercises lesson 2 - due Friday

-Summary/Response on Othello with partner - due by end of class Thursday

-Redo Bully Summary/Response(for some people check your blog to see)

-Quiz on SAT words - Friday

Overview of Class:

-Went over the words on SAT lesson 2. Definition, Part of Speech, Used in a Sentence, Synonyms/Antonyms.

-Checked our Summary Responses to Bully on our blogs. Some need to be redone.

-Reviewed Rebuttal Progression

-Examined proper format for a quotation. Make sure your PUNCTUATION is correct. Example:
Ja'Meya in Bully said she could not take it anymore, "I tried to tell someone but it just got worse" (Hirsch).

-Took quiz on Act 1 of Othello

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