Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scribe 10/1/15

Scribe Day:

We went over rebuttals in class and how a rebuttal should be in three parts
  • counter (1 sentence)
  • counter (1 sentence)
  • claim (multiple sentences, needs to be longer because you want to spend more time on your point to get it across.)
We go over word choices and the proper transition frases.
Then we look at the example she gave us yesterday and how rebuttal should be and how to use evidence to back up your claim.
Next, we go over the counterclaim and highlight where it is in the summary response
Talk about how the counterclaim could be condensed and then that it is repetitive and how as a writer you should make your writing flow.
Never use the words: I, you, me, my, our, we, us, your, things, stuff, is verb
Use this website to find replacements for words that are overused:
There are more websites on the class website to help you write.

Next, We started reading act 5 of Othello (pg. 223-243)

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