Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scribe October 20, 2015

  • Reviewed good and bad things about Fishbowl discussion
    • Discussions got a little off topic
    • Agree to disagree
    • Great examples
    • Relate to LOF and Othello
  • Watched spoken poem called “Pass On”
    • Discussed how the poem relates to A Long Way Gone
      • Elements of nature (wind)
      • Lost innocence
  • Began synthesis paper outline and took notes on how betrayal connects to the three novels
    • Used 10 big idea poster ideas (Revenge, power, jealousy, honesty, prejudice, betrayal, racism, anger, power of words, gender)
  • Homework
    • Read and annotate Long Way Gone 15-17, create 5 questions over 12-17, higher level thinking questions/connections to other novels
    • SAT Exercises (due Friday)
    • Begin synthesis outline

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