Friday, October 23, 2015

Scribe October 22, 2015

In Class:
  • Someone came around and checked to make sure we wrote our 5 questions down for the discussion
  • We did a fishbowl discussion over chapters 12-17 in A Long Way Gone
    • On the inside circle they discussed a loss of innocence, what the shoes in the book represent, how jealousy and anger fuel revenge, and more
    • On the outside circle we discussed the loss of innocence, how the book related to Othello and Lord of the Flies, how the war affect Ishmael, and more
  • Read and annotate chapters 18-19 for tomorrow
  • Read and annotate chapters 18-the end of the book for Monday
    • 5 questions over those chapters by Monday
    • Fishbowl discussion Monday
  • SAT 7 Exercises due Friday
  • SAT 7 Quiz Friday
  • Work on synthesis outline
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