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Hannah Blanchard Obolsky

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Scribe 2/4/16
HW: Read 13-14, redo S/R with edited piece returned -reprint, self eval (print out) graphing
Summary Response Work - Revise and Print Out for tomorrow
Think: This can be used for our paper. Apply what you know from this to the next project.
2 paragraphs, 2 pages (double spaced)
Quality v. Quantity
Works cited
(First Word).
Use easybib

The summary is one-two sentences long. Main idea, author, no opinion
Use your resources Ask your friends to help you edit, use to help find out run on sentences
Topic Sentence: take a side and stick to it throughout.
You have to have a “because” - so what? why does this matter?
Claim: Set-up of your first claim - your first point you’re trying to prove
This is should be clear, have a lead in, a correct citation, and two pieces to an explanation:
Explain what the quote says
connect it back to that claim
Counterclaim: use transition words,
Rebuttal - address the counterclaim but prove why it is wrong. Take it a step further - so what. It’s okay to use more examples. “Hammer it home” - convince the reader you are right.
Concluding sentence - restate the main idea

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