Thursday, February 4, 2016

Little Brother 6-12 Period 3

Live Blog Little Brother 6-12 Period 3

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  1. @Maren I think it does represent how younger people don't just follow society blindly. When they say, "Don't trust anyone over 25", I think that it shows that people of that generation have already been brainwashed and it is too late for them.
    @Hayden I think it would be similar in a way, but I don't think that society would let the government pull everyone over and abduct people. Everyone would be furious and I think the government couldn't force people to do anything after that.
    @Sarah When Julu says, "What if we change the definition of normal?", he is talking about the internet usage. I think that if the alternative was made appealing enough, then the definition of normal could definitely be changed.
    @Spencer I think that today people would react similarly to Little Brother, but I don't believe everyone would be being pulled over and kidnapping would not occur. If it did, everyone would get mad and probable ignore further government orders.
    @Maren I think that Little Brother could have ended up like 1984, because 194 had to have started out just like Little Brother. I do not think, however, that the people in 1984 are like the x-netters. The x-netters are going all out against the society, and people like Winston are doing is secretly, like his affair with Julia.
    @Schmidt I think that what Marcus is doing is already being dangerous, because he is getting people arrested when he rallies people and goes against the government.
    @Maggie I think Marcus is both, because to the people he is a hero and to the government he is a traitor.
    @Jordan I think people want to be controlled to a certain extent. Like in Little Brother, everyone wanted to be controlled so they could have safety. After some liberties get taken, I think that people feel like they have no choice to stop others being taken.
    How does the party in Little Brother show that everyone is tired of the government taking their rights? If it is just a party, what is the harm?
    When Marcus has the key party, everyone exchanges keys. The keys were for the people to talk privately. If they are protesting, don't you think the government should know about it for it to be more effective?
    When Marcus' social studies teacher taught about the past, she was fired. However, when the new teacher taught about it fro a different point of view, she was fine. Do you think we could do this today, and fire people for teaching the truth if we didn't like it?