Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scribe 2/17/16

Paper Due Dates
Thesis due today
Intro due tomorrow
1st body due Monday
2nd body due Wednesday
3rd body due Friday
Conclusion/Solution due Monday
Friday 26- Tech Help
Monday 29-Tech Help
Paper due Wednesday 2 or Thursday 3

Today in class we.....

  • Did Grammar work
    • Clauses 
      • Independent and Dependent
      • Difference- independent clauses don't start with a relative pronoun or subordinating conjunctions and they can stand alone
    • Sentence Types
      • Simple
      • Compound
      • Complex
      • Compound-complex
    • Clause vs Phrase
      • Clause has a subject and verb
      • Phrase doesn't have a subject or a verb
  • Looked at another example of New York Times piece for inspiration
    • font and colors
    • certain words stand out
    • interactions- have them experience first hand
    • add human element-more personal
    • maybe add sound
    • Snagit- help you take pics
    • small amounts of text can be effective
  • Apple Article
  • Thesis statement work
    • small group thesis statement
    • give back feedback
  • Went over one of last year's papers

  • Intro paragraph due tomorrow
  • Attention getter

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