Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Scribe 2/16/16

Today in class we...

  • Did grammar work (got purple packets)
    • Looked for parts of speech in sentences (Monday's Notes)
      • First sentence: Their team will practice after school.
      • Second sentence: Several of the dogs ate their meal
    • Identified sentence parts in each sentence (Tuesday's Notes)
Hints: If you have a preposition, then you have a prepositional phrase and an object of the preposition
-A helping verb and action verb are combined as a verb
-Use your packet!!!
-Subjects are never in prep phrases and prep phrases are never the subject
-Only have a direct object with action verbs
  • Looked at visions of paper to help spark ideas
    • Think of what you can show instead of what you can say
    • Maybe use a video instead of a quote
    • Think of colors and text
    • Show both sides (good and bad)
    • Spark emotion
    • Show, don't tell for everything
    • Highlighting is an advantage (but not excessive)
    • Let audience know a little more about characters
  • Go to this link for more ideas/inspirations
  • Make a copy of the outline and put it in your folder, then another subfolder
Think about maybe forming groups for paper help if you want.  Know who to go to and have others proofread.
  • Ideas for thesis statement
    • Most basic-  Through the works of Orwell, Bradbury, Doctorow, and modern society, society had learned ___________, yet failed to grasp _________; as a result, society will become ________.
  • Make sure you solve the problem you have stated
  • What direction do you want to go for your paper
    • Learned to not learned- negative
    • Not learned to learned- positive
Big takeaway.... OWN YOUR OWN LEARNING


  • Do a rough thesis example
  • Begin mapping out paper- the outline
    • Learned 
    • Not Learned
    • Where are we going
    • Solution
  • Start intro if you want to
Paper will be do at the beginning of March

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