Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Little Brother 13-17 Period 3

Live Blog Little Brother 13-17 Period 3

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  1. One topic that I thought struck a lot of controversy in this fishbowl was the Bill of Rights. Zach and Ashley both brought up points about if it was ever acceptable to ignore the Bill of Rights. Most people took the side that you can never abandon the Bill of Rights no matter what because that is what The United States stands for, but in history, the Bill of Rights beliefs had been abandoned. For example, during WW1 the government created the Sedition Act, which outlawed anyone from speaking out against the war. This is a violation of the first amendment which is apart of the Bill of Rights. Another example of the violation of the first amendment was the Civil Rights Movement. African Americans, who were citizens of the United States of America, had the right to vote when Congress passed the 15th amendment. When this right was denied, African Americans decided to make a change against this injustice by challenging the way of life. They had the right to peacefully assemble, and yet that right was taken away when they were arrested and beaten. Even today, the topic of the Bill of Rights comes into politics, but with the second amendment. Many conservatives believe that they have the right to bare arms, where some liberals want to enforce stronger gun control laws. Some believe that if you deny someone the right to bare arms, you are taking away their second amendment, while others see it as a safety measure. The line between safety and freedoms cannot be clearly drawn, leaving many sides to that argument open.