Friday, February 12, 2016

Little Brother 18-end Period 5

Live Blog Little Brother 18-end Period 5


  1. Towards the end of the discussion someone asked the importance of knowing the severe haircut lady's name. I think it is extremely important because it personalizes the assault and makes it more clear that she was another human being who infringed upon Marcus's rights. Also I think terrorist attacks give the government more power because they are one of the first things the people will look to for protection in times of fear. A question I would have asked would be If there was another terrorist attack on America how do you think our government and would react and would it be possible to stop them from taking our liberty's?

  2. At the end of the conversation, Christine asked, " 'We can't fix the world by putting other people at risk. I need to solve the problem by telling what I know. I should have done that from the start.' Do you agree with this solution? Why or why not?". I agree with this statement because Marcus had held important information about his capture that would have brought down the DHS earlier. When people finally confess to their personal stories, others actually listen. Also, someone asked about how a government could get into our heads. It's very similar to 1984. They would need to develop a technology that could track our thoughts, then forcefully insert it into the community. Technology is the key to getting information. I also have the question, "How was Zeb trusted more easily than Marsha? Was it due to his mention of Darryl in his letter? What does this say about Marcus and his commitment against the DHS?".